Yesterday, I realized that I’m now so Americanized that I’m out of touch with Canadian realities.

My mother was telling me about a restaurant she visited.

“I don’t like it much,” she said. “Besides, it’s very expensive, so I didn’t want to order a lot. So I just ordered two entrees.”

“Why on Earth would you do that?” I asked. “You could have just ordered a small salad and some soup.”

“That’s exactly what I did,” she answered. “I just told you that I ordered two entrees.”

I remained puzzled by the conversation until my sister explained to me that the story occurred in Quebec where “entree” doesn’t mean the main course but an appetizer.

12 thoughts on “Americanized”

  1. No no no no no no no. You’re not fully Americanized until “entree” means two chicken fried steaks stuffed with chipotle jack cheeze wrapped in candied maple bacon on a cinnamon roll all covered in jalapeno ranch dressing. With a venti cherry-espresso ice cream margarita float.


    1. Well, I’m not quite there yet but today I went to iHop for the first time in my life and I totally loved it. I can’t wait to go back there.

      ‘With a venti cherry-espresso ice cream margarita float”

      -Priceless. 🙂


  2. @ Helena Suess: Your reply is hilarious!

    @Clarissa: In my view, genuinely loving iHop signals your Americanization. I went there once when I was 11 years old because as a Pancake lover I thought it would be DELICIOUS, but even my child palate was appalled by the taste of the so-called pancakes they served me there.

    So… what did you like at iHop? It can’t possibly be the pancakes. It was the decor, right?

    But I must be honest with myself: I think I would enjoy having a venti cherry-espresso ice cream margarita float. It really sounds DELICIOUS! 🙂


  3. My mother’s parents were both from Montreal. I visited Canada once. And the further north I went, the better I liked it. Quebec was the most beautiful city I have ever seen. In fact, that’s as far north as I went. Of course, it was good to get back in the states…


    1. That’s exactly how I feel about Canada now. 🙂 Montrea is beautiful, Quebec City is amazing, Toronto is fun. But I start jumping for joy when I cross the US border. 🙂

      Shh, don’t let my Canadian readers hear this. 🙂


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