From Kremlin to the White House

In what concerns the protests against the fraudulent elections in Russia, according to rumors, Kremlin has decided to “let those losers protest as much as they want.”

Does anybody else feel that similar conversations might have taken place in the White House about the #OWS protests?

4 thoughts on “From Kremlin to the White House”

    1. During the attempted putsch of 1991, people massively took to the streets and threw themselves under the tanks. Three heroic young men died. But the putsch was stopped, the democracy was preserved and the Soviet Union fell apart.

      In Ukraine the massive protests during the peaceful Orange Revolution in 2005 were extremely successful.

      A little earlier, during perestroika, mass protests made the end of the Soviet Union inevitable. In Ukraine, a live human chain stretched across our huge country. People holding hands to show their desire for independence and the end to colonial domination. And it worked!

      This all happened within the past 25 years, so the memory is fresh.


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