What’s the Greatest Danger to Israel?

Israel does not need to fear being destroyed by Muslim fanatics when it has home-grown religious fanatics of its own:

Haredi Jews clashed with police on Monday in Beit Shemesh, Israel, leaving one policeman wounded, over the issue of segregation of women. They shouted “Nazis!” at the police. The Haredim are the Salafis of Judaism, and many insist on strict separation of women in public. Some forbid women to visit deceased relatives in cemeteries or walk on public sidewalks.  . .

Part of the conflict is over the establishment of a national-religious school for girls in the town, which the Ultra-Orthodox activists say is full of “prostitutes” and of non-Jewish loose women (“shiksas”). Some have been spitting on the girls, and have beaten up non-Haredis who support the school.They complain that Zionists have invaded their neighborhood (most Haredis reject Zionism or Jewish nationalism on the grounds that it is impudent for Jews to establish a state before the Messiah comes.) One of the victims who was spat on is an American little girl, Na’ama Margolies, whose plight has enraged secular Jews.

No reasonable person will support a state where little girls are spat on just because they have committed the great crime of being female and where a significant portion of the population believes in gender segregation.

I don’t want to see Israel buried under the rabble of its own hateful fanaticism, but at this point, it seems like this is precisely where the country is heading. And what a shame that is.

14 thoughts on “What’s the Greatest Danger to Israel?

  1. The important thing here is that the police are on the side of the national religious “whores” and “shiksas.” Every place will have its fanatics and thugs. On a social level these need to be countered with reason and a sense of humor. On a political level they must be countered by a legal system committed to protecting all citizens from the physical harm initiated but such fanatics.


  2. I want to clarify that most population (secular AND Haredi) is horrified by the incident. This shabbat there will be a discussion on women’s position on the main channel by 8 influential women, including Tzipi Livni, who is the current Israeli Opposition Leader. Both spitting men and Na’ama Margolies are Haredi themselves, btw. Which shows again that not all Haredi are the same.

    “a significant portion of the population believes in gender segregation”

    How is in US with this? Seems to me that in % US is more religious than Israel, which wasn’t founded on religion and got a large immigration from FSU.


      1. What about girls taken from that sect, which practiced polygamy? Or abortion providering doctor murdered? Each country may have specific issues, but I doubt US is free of them. Simply since it would be strange if Christian fanatics were suddenly milder than Jewish ones.


      2. I wanted to ask whether US is too on its’ way to be “buried under the rabble of its own hateful fanaticism” and, if not, why? It too has racidals, like Quiverful, “no abortion” crowd, etc.


        1. When we start seeing people spit on girls and throw women off the buses on the US news, I will definitely say that, too. Have we seen that or not? If not, then what’s the point of trying to steer the topic away from what is actually being discussed?


  3. I actually think the increased coverage of these type of events bodes well for their future nonexistence, particularly since the front of the bus sitting, etc. is usually done by Haredi women and much of the Israeli population is outraged at these events and organizing marches and discussions against them.


  4. Israel has always had to court the “extreme” parts of its religion. Most of the parties could never get elected unless they bowed to specific demands from these groups. I guess that is one of the tradeoffs for a religion when both moderate and extreme are reading from the same book. 😦


    1. Exactly. And I think that the government of Israel has been dancing around these fanatics for the simple reason that they procreate like crazy. It’s the same reason why Russia is not clamping down on its nationalist-religious fanatics and the Western Europe has been bowing down to its fanatics.


  5. What confuses me is why those of us who are secular don’t take decisive action against the whackos we seem forced to tolerate. “Toleration” policies seem designed to permit the escalation of violence to fatal consequence.

    If you saw this on the street in North America, would you intervene, or at least get police involved?


  6. el :
    What about girls taken from that sect, which practiced polygamy? Or abortion providering doctor murdered? Each country may have specific issues, but I doubt US is free of them. Simply since it would be strange if Christian fanatics were suddenly milder than Jewish ones.

    If you’re referring to the FLDS, perhaps it was because they were marrying off those young girls, beating and raping them to produce more children, and then kicking men out of the cult to marry his wives off to other men?


  7. What a bunch of bullies.
    I have a lot of friends who were second-third generation Israelis who are moving to the US and Canada to get away from their smothering, and have no plans on ever moving back, so they’re really just hurting Israel in the end. They remind me a little bit of the group “Repent Amarillo” in Texas which went around terrorizing people who didn’t follow their idea of a “moral” life.


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