The Quote of the Year

The most brilliant thing I have read on abortion since Echidne’s “undead corpses”:

Obviously I think [Rick Perry] is horrible for wanting to outlaw abortions, but the rapeandincest “exception” has always been complete gibberish, allowing people who support something monstrous to be seen and to see themselves as somehow being less monstrous.

This is indisputable, people. The “rape and incest exception” is, indeed, supremely offensive. A woman needs to be raped by a relative to deserve a right to decide what happens inside her own body? WTF with that? Let’s not allow vile woman-haters to feel better about themselves through their insulting support of this insane exception.

7 thoughts on “The Quote of the Year

  1. I agree. Although the beliefs that life begins at conception and abortion is murder are, in my opinion, ridiculous and dangerous, if for whatever reason you actually DO hold these beliefs I can see no justification whatsoever for allowing ‘exceptions’. If you claim to believe these things but still allow an ‘exception’ in the case of rape or incest, it pretty much marks you out as a complete liar: the only conclusion is that you believe that abortion ISN’T murder, but that these nasty slutty women should be punished with pregnancy for daring to have sex. I wouldn’t like to give any anti-choicer the time of day, but if I was forced to I’d definitely prefer the first group. At least with them there’s the extreme outside chance that their convictions are driven by something other than an overwhelming hatred of women and a terror of female sexuality.


  2. choice starts when you get naked. When rape/incest occur, choice has been removed. Therefore the ‘exception’ rule is to restore some choice.

    No women hating. No fear. Just responsibility for your actions.


    1. // Just responsibility for your actions.//

      If anybody needed 1 more proof that more “honest” position is about women hating too, here it is. Children as punishment, which “deserving” women get a benefit of escaping.

      Anonymous, are you aware that most married people don’t get naked to make (1 more) child? Should married women refuse their husbands, if they aren’t ready to become pregnant again? And this danger is present since no method gives 100% protection. Many would turn to sterilization as a result.


  3. What’s more, the rape and incest provision is massively hypocritical; either a foetus is a person or it’s not. If it is a person (and abortion is therefore murder) then it shouldn’t matter whether it was the product of rape or incest or not; I mean, you don’t get away with murdering a “born” person if they happen to be the product of rape.


  4. AM called those people “Consistently misogynist” and described them well in the following post:

    There’s a tendency on the left to praise hard line anti-choicers for their “consistency” when they oppose abortion even in the case of rape or incest.“At least,” people say, “they’re being consistent with their claim that an embryo is a real person.”…
    I’ve long maintained that opposition to abortion rights even in the case of rape or incest is indeed consistent, but with overt misogyny. It’s an expression of belief that what goes on in a woman’s head never matters, not even in cases where more tender-hearted people might give women a break. It’s consistent in the way that arguing that you should get to sexually abuse animals because you can eat them is consistent. It just makes you an even uglier person. It also is, irrevocably, mixed up with a general unwillingness to take rape seriously as a crime. For example, Christine O’Donnell is running a new ad that exploits an already ugly situation—-where a man’s fear and anger after he fought a rapist off his sister is turned into an internet joke—-to compare being taxed to being raped, but in a jokey way that makes it clear they don’t think the original attempted rape is a real problem.* Or, to make a long story short, I think a lot of people who say “no exceptions” for rape or incest say so because they don’t think rape is a real problem, and they believe most victims brought it on themselves.


    1. My point is that people who oppose the right to abortion are all stupid, vile, ridiculous, nasty jerks. Whether they believe in any exceptions is of no interest to me. They are all freaks.


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