Jennifer Aniston. . .

. . . being named as the sexiest woman alive speaks to nothing but a hugely problematic and repressed nature of sexuality in the US. People are intimidated by aggressive, adult female sexuality and choose perennially childish, slightly gauche, boy-like kind of femininity as sexy. The popularity of egregiously talentless Natalie Porter is evidence of the same phenomenon.

This phenomenon is mirrored by the popularity of Ashton Kuchner whose trademark goofiness is perceived as sexy by equally sexually stunted individuals.

What do you expect, though, if in a much more sexually liberated UK a huge hullabaloo is raised over sexual acts by undercover officers?

30 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston. . .

  1. I never much cared for Ms. Anniston, but in my case it was more because I absolutely loathed the character she played on Friends during the 1990s. I’m curious though; who would you consider to be a less sexually-repressed pick for sexiest woman alive?


  2. Off topic (for the most part).

    I was watching the show Rizzoli and Isles a few nights ago and the case of the week was about a factory that burned down. At first the cops were suspicious that the owner did it for insurance money to cover a series of sexual harassment lawsuits. Here’s the messed up part.

    When the detectives were talking about the lawsuits the lead character was chiming off the list of women he was accused of harassing and when she gets to the end she turns the file to the camera and dismissively says, “A cleaning lady.” The picture was of an older woman of color. And then later on in the episode the owner checks out a pair of old women walking by to which the detective says, “Really?”

    I’m not trying to defend a sexual assailant but are really that messed up that the idea of finding an old woman sexually attractive is cause for confusion, concern, and ridicule? I hope not but it won’t stop me from having “adult” thoughts about Michelle Yeoh….


    1. I loved the Rizzoli and Isles book series by Tess Gerritsen. When it was picked up for a TV show, however, its was completely destroyed. Isles, for example, is supposed to be much older than she is in the series.

      And the worst part is that now Gerritsen toned down her hard-boiled novels to make them ready for TV adaptation. The result is completely “bleh.”


    2. srlsy right, that was crazy ridiculous. I watch that show and normally about 100 things strike me as wrong, everything from the lead actresses preternaturally young appearances to the stupid gendered jokes. How about the weird interaction between the old white detective and his younger Af-Am partner and then Rizzoli says something like “oh you’d better be careful before he slaps a suit on you.” Really effed up as the context of the episode was redressive hiring practices in Boston’s police and fire dept due to, well forever of, racial discrimination in hiring practices, which was eventually taken up in the courts.


  3. That’s an interesting analysis. I’d always wondered what was behind the popularity of my namesake, as I couldn’t see it personally. I don’t think Jolie is any less repressed. She seems mightily repressed to me, especially as she’s aged.


  4. I thought I was the only when with Brad Pitt left her for Jolie who was like, OF COURSE HE DID. AJ looks as though she might have something to say for herself, while Aniston appears like the world’s most boring high school girl next door.


  5. I am not sure whether this choice has to do with what is truly regarded as “sexy” by the majority of the public, or even some sizable minority, or rather with some friends in high places that this Aniston person seems to have.
    I myself have never understood what the big deal was with her, but from the very beginning, way back when she starred in “Friends”, she seemed to garner much more attention than her non-existent talent, ordinary appearance and not particularly likable persona would have warranted (I thought that both the other two actresses in the same show, were at least as attractive and/or talented as her, and yet, where are they now ?).
    It seems that, no matter how many bad movies she stars in, how many insipid appearances she makes on a number of talk shows, how little she has to contribute to cinema, television or any other kind of performing arts, she keeps riding high…


  6. Oh no Clarissa, sound like you’re trying to police women’s and men’s sexuality!

    But what else can we expect from a woman who’s own-brand ‘feminism’ involves no one but her being allowed an opinion on anything?


  7. I do not believe there are any women publically known more sexy than:

    1. Drew Barrymore;
    2. Beyonce Knowles;
    3. Halle Berry;

    I was totally amazed by the Jennifer Anniston choice. It makes no sense.


  8. Ugh, I’ve never understood what was attractive about her. Typically I’m attracted to actors in large part based on the characters they play. The first two movies I saw with Anniston in them (office space and then some weird movie about a business woman who stayed in this motel), she played a modestly successful woman with little ambition, who ended up dating guys with even less ambition, but who weren’t at all successful. Because that’s just what she needed to fill that void in her life?


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