A Meeting of Two Autistics

I go outside to take out the garbage and meet my autistic neighbor.

“Thank you!” I blurt out.

“Merry Christmas!” he echoes.

We exchange a knowing stare and continue on our respective ways.

6 thoughts on “A Meeting of Two Autistics

  1. Just wanted to say that I loved this posting and it made me smile. It’s one of those that doesn’t need commentary or discussion because it stands on its own. 🙂


  2. While attending a parenting workshop for autistic kids the instructor tried to highlight the significance of getting the child involved. Don’t let them withdraw get them involved.
    I asked if she had looked around recently, with all the ipods and cell phones haven’t you noticed the world is just catching up with the autists, nobody makes eye contact anymore…….are you determined that autistics be different.

    I think we need autistic leadership……..less rhetoric and more hand flapping and screaming.


    1. “While attending a parenting workshop for autistic kids the instructor tried to highlight the significance of getting the child involved. Don’t let them withdraw get them involved.”

      – That’s just cruel. What a silly person that instructor is. Doesn’t she know that it’s precisely through withdrawal that we cope with the sad necessity of being exposed to unintelligent people like her? Let alone the fact that we produce a lot of our genius ideas in withdrawal.


  3. I’m sure that other people will refer you to this but just to be sure Hufpo today had an article in which it was stated that Rick Santorum (Latin for Not Romney), a leading Republican presidential candidate, was on the board of directors for a hospital where exorcisms were done on autistics.

    “‘They were trying to exorcise him. That’s why he had the autism, he had a demon in him,'” Jones recounted what the teacher told her to The Huffington Post. “The cleaning lady was trying to cast out the demons.”

    The hospital chain responded directly to the exorcism charge, calling the allegations “absolutely false, libelous and knowingly untruthful.”

    A state report counters this claim and appears to back up Jones’ recollections of the incident as relayed to her at the time, and its subsequent fallout. According to the report, state investigators noted that the Marion Youth Center initiated an internal investigation into the matter as well. An administrator with the facility reported to state investigators that staff had been caught “praying over” a boy. “Provider determined the youth did not give consent for the event to occur,” the state investigation found. “One regulation violation was determined.”
    The most shocking thing about the incident, however, was that it didn’t shock. As Jones says, “It didn’t surprise me.”

    Those conservatives are still living back in the Middle Ages. I wonder if they use leaches to treat problems with the blood?


    1. How come each of the new leading candidates is a greater idiot and a scarier character than the previous one? Are the Repubs doing this on purpose to make us think that Romney is not that bad, after all? Or are they trying to discredit their party for good?

      I have to say that I enjoy seeing the Reps self-implode in this way. I think even the most ardent supporters feel ashamed of the party that has a new leading candidate every week and, consequently, a new scandal accompanying the flavor of the week.


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