A Recruiting Riddle

Here is a riddle from a professional recruiter I know. Today, the most in-demand profession is that of a social media specialist. That’s a person who blogs, tweets, Facebooks, etc. and can use their knowledge of social media to promote the company that hires them.

How does a recruiter know, however, if they are interviewing a real media fanatic or somebody who simply wants to ride the wave of this profession’s popularity to get a well-paying position?

The very first selection mechanism is the following: the recruiter asks the candidate to fill out some paperwork and leaves the room. After the recruiter comes back, she knows immediately if her candidate is the real deal without asking them a single question.

Question: how does the recruiter determine if the candidate is a true social media enthusiast before even talking to them?

Supplementary question: is this the coolest job in the world, or what?

11 thoughts on “A Recruiting Riddle

  1. By looking at their web presence? They should have a twitter account with tons of followers, a blog with lots of views etc. All this information can be gathered before talking to the person.

    Answer to supplementary question: I’m gonna go with the ‘or what’ option!


    1. Another important give-away is that a true blogger never mentions how often s/he blogs. Because s/he blogs all the time. Instead, a true blogger can remember every rare occasion when s/he didn’t blog. 🙂 🙂


  2. Because when the recruiter gets back, the interviewee is on their phone tweeting, blogging, or posting to facebook!


    1. I have such smart readers, it scares me. 🙂 Yes, this is the right answer! If they just sit there, they are not a social media expert. If they are typing real fast on their phone, they are! 🙂


  3. Huh. I want to do that kind of thing, but try to avoid it in situations where I am supposed to act professional.


  4. I would like to feel for one day “this is the coolest job in the world” about my job.. and am working towards that. You are lucky David! Maybe luck isn’t the right word. But I want to love what I do and do what I love, and am hoping that is possible!


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