Winter in the Midwest

Not only is the weather insanely warm, raspberries and tomatoes are cheaper than in summer.

9 thoughts on “Winter in the Midwest”

  1. Pie? Green salad with almonds and lemon vinaigrette? Mandarin oranges are cheap now too and they would also go well with said salad. A cream/goat’s cheese and basil cracker spread? Sorbet? I know you want it to be colder and more wintery right now – but I am the opposite. Just know that for some the warm weather is lifting the winter blues 🙂


  2. Driscolls are grown in the U.S. That’s the only reason I buy them all year round, haha.

    Clarissa, I am also loving the cheaper food prices this winter. Honestly, that’s my biggest dread about winter time. I think to myself “Okay, what am going to be able to get this payday?” and it’s always so much less in winter!


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