Jokes in the Classroom

I never understood those professors who write down their jokes in advance and then use them every semester. I had a prof who’d add his jokes to his lesson plans and mark them in red.

For me it never works because every group is different. I teach two sections of the same course this semester. This morning, I made some jokes in the first section that really slaughtered. Students laughed so hard that the walls shook.

So I decided to repeat the same jokes in the second section. And they fell completely flat. The students gave me compassionate looks and forced polite smiles.

I’m not sharing the jokes here because they make no sense outside the context of our course. Still, how cool is it that students is Spanish Beginners II understand jokes in Spanish? Or at least understand that I’m trying to be funny and laughter is expected.

Teaching languages is very rewarding. Even though you get to answer the endless “And how do you say…” questions.

7 thoughts on “Jokes in the Classroom”

    1. ” I wish someone had bothered to tell him that Britney Spears is no longer en vogue”

      – Really??? Oh shit, I just sent the midterm with an assignment based on comparing her to President Obama to the copy center! Ay yay yay.

      I’m very out of touch. The old age is approaching.


  1. I improvised a joke yesterday in class. I cannot remember the joke now unfortunately. Or not. My “joke” was not funny and as I said it I felt embarassed and very, very nerd. It had to do with las fricativas sordas y sonoras in Spanish. Can you believe it? Or was it la sonorizacion de la oclusivas?

    Anyways, the students laughed hysterically at my joke?!?!

    This is going to be a wonderful semester. I love my students!


    1. ” It had to do with las fricativas sordas y sonoras in Spanish. Can you believe it? Or was it la sonorizacion de la oclusivas?”

      – Yes, sounds like a subject that totally lends itself to hilarity. Not. šŸ™‚ So if you can make people laugh about this, you rock as a teacher.


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