Ask Clarissa

As we are preparing to celebrate this blog’s third Birthday on April 1, I wanted to give everybody an opportunity to ask their favorite blogger anything they want.

Don’t be shy, I know there are things you are curious to know.

I’m making this post sticky for a while, so scroll down for new posts.

17 thoughts on “Ask Clarissa

    1. Gosh, that’s a huge one. 🙂 I’m an obsessive reader and I can’t really single out the most favorite books unless I come up with a list of 200. 🙂 I really like long books that run for over 500 pages. Which is a response that makes me sound stupid, I know. 🙂


    1. That’s an easy one. The Russian pronunciation is much closer to Spanish than to English. The vowels are exactly the same. And it’s precisely the English vowels that defeat me.


  1. Well this might be more of a subject for a blog post but I am curious about your first marriage–why you got married so young–why the marriage didn’t work out etc etc. You have covered some of this before ut I guess I am nosey. I love reading that kind of information. I am also curious what inspired you to begin identifying as a feminist and when that happened.


  2. You said once that when you were my age, you thought that learning was “stooopid” and spent little time on intellectual pursuits. How old were you when you (re)discovered a love of book-learning and what led you to it?


  3. If this blog were made into a book which posts would you choose? Maybe this could be an idea for a new ‘Clarissa’s Greatest Hits’ post where readers can submit their choices for as well.


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