Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

A brilliant takedown of the moron who claimed college profs are lazy and overpaid.

And here are suggestions on how to combat such morons.

A recipe for orange-liqueur pancakes. Yum!

You will not be less busy in the future than you are right now.”

It doesn’t matter what a child chooses to spend his or her time doing, parents have no right to bully their children into partaking in hobbies they deem ‘worthy’.” A fantastic post!

The world [is] in a post feminist reactionary period where Republican primary candidates are talking about making the American government small enough to fit in a vagina while their June Cleaver wives stood by theirman and baked cookies for the cause.”

It always drives me around the bend to hear my students drawl, “Oh, I’m not interested in politics!” I wish they could get acquainted with this post by a brilliant young person who is politically active and engaged: “The first thing that I learned was that politics affects everyone. It touches everything in our lives. This was the same fact that I told every person who skeptically, condescendingly, asked why I was studying English. Politics was why the roof of my urban high school leaked when it rained. Politics was why gas prices were soaring. Politics was why tuition was so dang expensive. Politics was why. Politics was. I had to learn as much as I could about this thing, this entity, this institution that touched every corner of my life. I had to know.” By the way, this was written by a young journalist. I have got to ask: how come we see articles from complete and utter morons in leading newspapers and never great stuff by promising writers like this one?

How to engage with a recruitment agency in a way that maximizes your chances to be introduced to a potential employer.

The American education system has never been better, several important measures show. But you’d never know that from reading overheated media reports about “failing” schools and enthusiastic pieces on unproven “reform” efforts.” The scare-mongering about the completely fictitious horrors of the American public education are spread on purpose by people who are terrified of intelligent voters.

In the kind of world the forced birthers want to exist. . . the minute a woman is pregnant the man who impregnated her would have extra rights over her body because of her pregnancy. She is now the aquarium for his future child, after all. That the aquarium is also a person is where the complications enter.

Political coverage is nothing but empty prognostication, with no indication about why we should even care about the outcome. Meanwhile, political debate is conducted via empty abstractions that are supposed to be vaguely “good.” All of it is utterly meaningless and useless.

This is the most brilliant thing I have read for ages on the US foreign policy: “We try to analyze what happens and is likely to happen in North Korea as though we knew as much as there is to know about it. We seem to look upon it as a small state in a mid western part of the United States.  It is not. Korea has a far longer history than does the United States and is extraordinarily different culturally, historically and in just about every other important respect. . . Until we learn that people around the world are not necessarily the same as we are, don’t necessarily think in the same way and don’t necessarily appreciate the same things, we will continue to muck up foreign policy terribly. Our troops and those of our allies and enemies will continue to die unnecessarily, we will continue to spend money that we don’t have and continue to be impoverished in the process.  Are we stupid, naive, or just mistakenly well-meaning?

It always shocks me to see how people use horrible crimes like the one committed against Trayvon Martin to write bizarre pieces on how things would have been a lot worse if Martin had been a woman. Because he’d be more dead, or something: “The president has promised a proper investigation. The case will go to a grand jury next month, and the Department of Justice plans to review it. The governor has appointed a special prosecutor, and the police chief has stepped down temporarily. Martin’s parents have spoken before a Congressional panel. I can only dream of a female president speaking out when a man kills a woman. Take Back the Night marches draw little or no media. Slutwalks do better, probably because they include young women in sexy clothing. Offhand, I can’t think of any time in recent history when hundreds of women and men took to the streets across the country because a man stalked and killed a woman.” Constructing an argument that presents Trayvon Martin as hugely fortunate could have only occurred to a very diseased human being. His parents have spoken before a panel, yippee, problem solved. This is simply outrageous.

10 thoughts on “Sunday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. The thing that the person basically saying, “what about teh wimminz?” is not noticing is that gender has been a nowhere near as big a part of the conversation on Trayvon Martin as race has. But of course they couldn’t say compare it to race because that would not be politically correct.

    Sure there may not be people protesting and rallying when a man kills a woman but how many times have we seen people try to name a law after a girl was killed or badly injured in a crime against her versus the same for boy? I dare say if Trayvon were a girl there would be someone out there trying to push a new law named after said girl in order to counteract the Stand Your Ground Law.


    1. ” I dare say if Trayvon were a girl there would be someone out there trying to push a new law named after said girl in order to counteract the Stand Your Ground Law”

      – I think so, too. We do not live in a culture where boys are more precious than girls. We live in a culture where boys (and men) are more dispensable. Changing that set of mind is one of the first and foremost tasks of feminism.


      1. We do not live in a culture where boys are more precious than girls.
        Eh, even as a guy I’ll say that you can’t just make absolute declarations on the entire state of the culture.

        There are plenty of metrics where girls are valued over boys and plenty where boys are valued over girls.


  2. The evidence on the Martin shooting is conflicting. If it was self-defense, as at least some evidence shows it was, it wasn’t a crime. Zimmerman, like anyone else is innocent until proven guilty.
    On the other hand, the blogger you quote must have forgotten about the outcry that first met the Duke lacrosse case and the Twana Bawley case, before the rest of the facts became known. Still she has a point when it comes to “honor” killings of women. I don’t know how many “honor” killings there are, but the only place you ever hear about them is on the right side of the blogosphere.


  3. It always drives me around the bend to hear my students drawl, “Oh, but I’m not interested in politics!”

    Me, too! (Well, I am not a teacher, so I hear it from my friends instead of my students. But it’s still aggravating). Sometimes I hear it with the connotation “politics is low and stupid, which is why I don’t follow it and you really shouldn’t, either”. I have come to think of following politics as a form of self-defense, since the results of elections affect everyone, not just the people who voted in them.


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