One of Those Days

It’s one of those days when a person wakes up and the world greets her with a surge of negativity. Which is why I feel a profound need to bitch. I have been awake for less than an hour and have already been presented with the following unpleasant discoveries:

  • I have missed the delivery of an extremely important package. The content of the package is of such a nature that I cannot be at peace until I have it in my possession. Just once I decide to sleep in until 9 am and this happens.
  • I forgot my own golden rule of action which is, “Never ever ever have any dealings with Russian people, especially if they are from Moscow or St. Petersburg. They are weird, unpleasant, dishonest folks, and it’s best to keep as far away from them as possible.” Now, I’m paying the price for this untimely forgetfulness.
  • I had postponed my research in favor of other things that I decided were more important. The universe, then, demonstrated to me that this was an idiotic decision.
  • My mailbox is inundated with messages telling me that every important event under the Sun has been scheduled precisely for the weekend when I will be out of town.
  • People who should have listened to my advice chose to dismiss it and now we are all in deep shit.
  • And the stupid Introduction to the article is still not working out.

13 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. “And the stupid Introduction to the article is still not working out.”

    -Does it need to be split into two articles?

    What do you do if you have students from Russia in your classes?


    1. I haven’t had any Russian students for a while. The last one I had approached me with a suggestion that I sell to her the answers to the final exam because her parents know my parents and we are all part of the same community. You can probably imagine my reaction.

      I’ll make this article work sooner or later. I just need to feel sorry for myself right now. 🙂


      1. I do feel sorry for you about the encounter with the Russian student, but that is indeed very funny. I am laughing out loud trying to imagine your response to her. 🙂


  2. “Never ever ever have any dealings with Russian people”

    Funny that you mention that as I just had my umpteenth negative experience in a row with yet another Russian colleague. Now I’m having a hard time grasping where is the fine line between a healthy avoidance of such bad experiences and just plain falling into racist stereotypes.


  3. Which is why I feel a profound need to bitch.(Clarissa)

    I must take umbrage with your choice of the phrase “to bitch”. I feel it is highly sexist and offensive to your fellow feminists. Just kidding………….you can go “bitching” as much as you like. 😉


  4. Well, my day started with a letter from the higher ups informing us that the administration had caved to the pressure of the local Catholic Church, so we would have no contraception coverage beginning July (of course, it was worded differently). Believe it or not, the day actually got better (last night I had nightmares about a certain meeting today, and it actually turned out better in a way I hadn’t even imagined).


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