Does This Offend Your Sensibilities?

Remember, people, I’m on a journey of cultural exploration here, so from time to time I need help.

Do you find the following bumper sticker offensive?

Would you feel “sexually harassed” by the sticker? If so, then why? I have a feeling that I’m missing some set of cultural connotations in this image.

11 thoughts on “Does This Offend Your Sensibilities?

  1. 1st sticker – “If you’re going to ride my ass… at least pull my hair” – seems worse to me. People may enjoy whatever they wish in their own homes, but such descriptive & weird stickers, one of which goals is to announce stuff to other drivers & passers-by (political stickers are a good example of it), are inappropriate. My 1st thought would be that the owner isn’t too smart.

    2nd sticker – the one you chose – I wouldn’t feel sexually harassed, no. Plenty of TV ads aren’t much/any better, while 1st one is still not what you see on TV, thus my feeling it was worse.

    Of course, my answer doesn’t help with understanding US cultural connotations. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  2. I’m more offended by the owners’ stupidity than the content of the stickers. The stickers are inappropriate to put on a car but I don’t feel harassed by them, just appalled at the crassness and vulgarity of some people.


      1. It’s a copy of the peeing boy statue, the Mannekin Pis Statue in Belgium. Someone brought back a tacky souvenir.


  3. No feelings of sexual harassment here! But I can make some assumptions about the driver: he’s a he, he’s in his twenties, he’s single, he thinks he’s all that, he listens to pop country music, or really dirty rap, or both.

    As for the pissing kid thing — for some weird reason pissing cupid figures have gone in and out of fashion. It used to be a favorite subject for fountains, and had a resurgence of popularity in the 20th century as part of the overall kitsch thing, like kewpie dolls. (“Kewpie” comes from “cupid.”) Basically it’s as if some sort of monstrous creature vomited a rain of big-eyed infantile toys, statuettes, peeing drink items, paintings, and dolls over the landscape. When I was a kid we’d get mail-order catalogues (as part of the general pile of junk mail) that sold stuff like this, along with the drinking glasses with the clothed ladies on the side that became naked when you added ice, ice trays that made boob-shaped ice cubes, and other “naughty” items.


    1. “But I can make some assumptions about the driver: heโ€™s a he, heโ€™s in his twenties, heโ€™s single, he thinks heโ€™s all that, he listens to pop country music, or really dirty rap, or both.”

      – That’s what I want to learn: how to read such culture-specific signs.

      Btw, my sister calls me “a kewpie doll” (“pupsik” in Russian.) I don’t pee alcohol, though. Or, at least, not since I’ve finished grad school. ๐Ÿ™‚

      “along with the drinking glasses with the clothed ladies on the side that became naked when you added ice”

      – I’ve never seen anything like that. How incredibly vulgar but also funny. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. I don’t feel sexually harassed because I’m not forced to associate with the driver of this vehicle or drive it with the sticker. For all you know, the driver could be a woman who is a huge Jeep fan and likes crude humor (but it’s not likely.) It’s like being harassed by the fact there’s a Hooter’s in my local mall.

    I’d assume a frat boy, either current or former.

    I don’t put any slogans on my car because I don’t want people making additional assumptions (in some places having liberal bumper stickers will get your car keyed or your tires slashed) beyond what they assume from my car’s make.


  5. It boggles my mind why anybody would feel sexually harassed by this sticker. It’s a little bit vulgar, but that’s all.


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