People With No Lives

My Statcounter shows me that yet another idiot has been entering

clarissa hispanic studies mcgill illinois yale

into a search engine, trying to figure out who I am. Some people are so devoid of anything that can even remotely pass for a life that it’s scary.

There is a blogger whose blog I read all the time and love a whole lot. This is somebody who works in my field. It would have been very easy for me to find out this person’s real name. But it would never occur to me to waste energy on doing that. If she wants to communicate her name to me, she will do so. If not, I’m more than content with not knowing it.

This is why I simply don’t get why people would waste their lives on investigating anonymous bloggers they have no chance of meeting. Do they see their time as so completely lacking in value?

I especially love it when these weirdos send me triumphant messages informing me of what my name is. Yes, I know what it is, losers. You just wasted time letting me know something of which I’m well aware.

Some people urgently need to get a life.

3 thoughts on “People With No Lives

  1. Well, the more efficient searcher who really wanted to know would get out a map of Illinois schools, not use that inefficient combination of search terms.


  2. I can’t wait until the day that I get e-mails from trolls telling me they know my name. *laughs*

    But seriously, what the heck do they expect you to say? Oi.


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