First Check for Assholes

I loved this poster so much that I had to steal it from one brilliant blogger. Unlike her, I don’t have anything intelligent to say on the subject except, “And that’s my point exactly!”

Seriously, though. Low self-esteem doesn’t appear in a vacuum. You need to find out who created it in you and is now still fostering it. Then, you need to undermine the influence of those people on your life dramatically.

2 thoughts on “First Check for Assholes

  1. Good advice, but you should also check for good people. There was a time when I was really depressed and because I thought I was a failure. Then my awesome mom pointed out that she didn’t think I was a failure, and my brothers and sisters admired me and that my friends thought I was cool and that woman at the store was checking me out.

    So then I felt better. It helps to remember the good people in your life.


  2. Thanks for the link. I’m reading Erich Fromm, of late, about how the search for truth is considered unsophisticated by people who don’t want to be bothered by knowledge. His era is no different from ours. People prefer to do whatever they think makes them happy in the short term. Short term solutions can lead to long term negative outcomes, for instance when people take drugs to help them study better.


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