Memorial Day Dinner Chez Clarissa

Being good at cooking is a great skill to have. Just look at the great Memorial Day dinner I created in under 15 minutes.

Grilled salmon steaks with herb dressing and boiled baby potatoes with cilantro. The dressing for the salmon steaks is very easy to make: lemon grass, two cloves of garlic, some fresh basil leaves, some fresh ginger, and a pinch of salt.

Healthy, fast, easy to prepare. And it looks beautiful, too.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Dinner Chez Clarissa

  1. Strange I was planning to buy some salmon steaks at the market today. Now I have a serving suggestion 🙂

    I really like what you said – “Being good at cooking is a great skill to have”. So many people see a woman cooking as conforming with some gender model. Indeed, many women will go out of their way to avoid even learning to cook for this reason.

    Like you, I see cooking as an essential life skill. Both men and women that can’t cook for themselves are somehow not yet quite adult.


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