You Think Online Teaching Is Easy?

Then think again. I’m celebrating my fifth anniversary with my husband. While I’m at the restaurant, 48 emails from my students with comments, essays and assignments have accumulated in my course mailbox.

This will be a long night.


7 thoughts on “You Think Online Teaching Is Easy?”

  1. Nobody thinks online teaching is easy. Anything that is so dependent on technology freaks me out. If, on top of that, you work at a school where administrators see an easy buck to be made in those courses, and, as a result, do not properly train instructors, then it becomes a nightmare. Without exception, all the professors I know who’ve had to teach online report lower than average student evaluations (we can throw different hypothesis to explain this). For me, I’d rather be a data entry than teach online. It takes away the human interaction with my students that is an incredibly source of energy for me. It doesn’t allow me to get to know the students, and ocassionally become a mentor of some of them. This is the most rewarding aspect of my job, even more than research (and I’ve published more and in good journals than many colleagues I know). If you take away the face to face interaction, you take away the joy I derived from my job.


  2. No candy for the crybaby. It’s as easy or as hard as you decide.

    I’ll agree that it is harder than writing this blog by the measure of effort required to find a different way to ridicule your students from the penis centric responses you habitually use here.

    That is, of course, only true if you have to get someone to make up new lines for you. As you’re a woman in Academia, you may not need to.

    Please, tell me how small my dick is again.


  3. 5 years married or together? If either congrats. We just got back from our 20th anniversary trip to the Caymans, not much has changed there in 20 years (except that our hotel we honeymooned at is now the Ritz!)

    Online learning and teaching is hard and those who have never done it can’t comment. My son graduated in Dec. from an online school and the teachers were great about helping him (especially accounting, he took that because he thought it was going to be an easy course – hah!) He had to be disciplined enough to go through the course work on his own and humble enough to ask for help when he needed it. He only needed 4 courses to graduate and I am still giggling that he took accounting, psychology, sociology and math last semester (and freshman history at our local community college, but that was face to face, not online) – he thought they’d all be a piece of cake!

    I do think you’re right, there is more discussion in an online course because people have the chance to digest the information and think back on previous comments. His psych and sociology courses had great discussion threads that got quite long.

    I think you’re having fun and liking the fact that the students are discussing more and that’s great, but it is a lot of work keeping up with the e-mails and discussion threads.


      1. Ah, well congrats anyway. I would recommend the Caymans, they are beautiful, the people are nice, the water is gorgeous and the food is amazing. I wished we had stayed longer only because my stomach can only handle 3 meals a day and there were at least 9 more places I wanted to eat at!

        Things are about twice the price there, so bread was $4 a loaf (but bagels were $7!) Breakfast at Burger king for 5 of us was CI$28, so just know that food is going to be a little more and pay in CI, it makes it not seem as bad.


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