Half and Half

Also, please observe the hair in the preceding photo. This is not a fluke. My hair is always curly (or frizzy, depending on the weather) on one side and straight on the other. I go through life with half of my head sprouting a curly unmanageable mop and another half covered in limp, excessively fine hair. As a result, I look like I had to run out of a hair-dressing salon in the midst of a procedure.

4 thoughts on “Half and Half

  1. This should solve the problem to which you have alluded of having trouble distinguishing right from left! Just remember which side has which hair texture! For many years I had to flash back to my very early childhood and remember that my right hand was the one away from the outside kitchen door when I was sitting in my highchair.


  2. I notice you part your hair at the side. I am also Ukrainian and had a simlar problem: one side straight and limp, the other side wavy and full. I FINALLY started parting my hair in the middle and the problem went away immediately. You might have tried that before. But just thought I would share (although I must admit, your hair is much more lovely than mine!) πŸ™‚


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