Rat’s Nest

This is what the wind and storm did to my carefully groomed and professional look on my way to work.

Prepare, students, the professor with a rat’s nest of a hair is coming to class today!

I tried using an umbrella but the wind ripped it to shreds.

10 thoughts on “Rat’s Nest

  1. Whenever I buy a jacket, it must have a hood, which prevents the Look and, more importantly, ill from a cold wind ears & wet head. In Israel winter is similar to the beginning of autumn in Ukraine with (hopefully numerous) rains and breaking umbrellas winds. So I long ago stopped counting on an umbrella to protect me, when it’s most desired.


    1. The thing is, it’s viciously hot here. We were at +38C yesterday. I can’t even think of a jacket at this point. We have the rain and the wind (in a desperately hot air) and then the humid heat falls on us again.

      Of course, a jacket with a hood is a fantastic thing. If only it were cold enough for one!!


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