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Here is a really cool video of for your viewing pleasure. It really transmits the feel and the rhythm of the place:


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  1. SIU-E is the college I went to for Undergraduate!!!! And my stepdaughter is there now. I can’t believe the change in the campus. It is a gorgeous campus, especially in the fall. I saw a quick shot of the Goshen Lounge. I wonder if that wooden structure is still hanging there….I’ll have to ask my step D!
    Are you enjoying being there?
    I was in a sorority there……….yeah……… *shrug*


  2. You outing yourself or something? You must really be on the tenure home stretch…


  3. I love the art object at 2:31. The best part is the waterfowl at 1:40. Great film.


    • I heard somewhere that the university’s art museum placed works of art all over the campus on purpose. The idea is that art should not be secluded in a room but should be a regular part of daily life.


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