For a while, I had no idea what my new article should be about. It has to be part of my new project, so I’m kind of limited in terms of the possible primary sources. There was this novel that I read a couple of months ago that I really loved. I loved it to the point where I wouldn’t let it out of my hands wherever I went. Even if I wasn’t going to read it, I wanted to keep it close.

Still, even though I liked it so much, I wasn’t going to write about it. I had no interesting ideas about this novel. Everything seemed very self-explanatory.

And then today I was listening to a colleague’s sabbatical presentation on abortion in the Weimar Republic and I suddenly had a lightbulb moment. The novel opened itself to me, and I realized that it contained a wealth of material for me to write about. The funny thing is that the novel has nothing in it about either abortion or the Weimar Republic but for some mysterious reason hearing that sabbatical presentation really pushed me to develop ideas on the novel.

I almost hadn’t gone to this presentation because I was very tired and still had many things ahead of me but I was curious about it so I went. This just goes to show that intellectual curiosity does pay off.


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