Why Are People Unraveling?

We have talked a lot on this blog about the importance of taking into account cultural context when analyzing events in other countries, so when I saw a table of Soviet salary statistics on a blog, I decided to use it to demonstrate this important point. Of course, I could have easily just taken the table and published it here without attributing it to the blog where I found it. But I’m kind and honest, so I linked back to the original post.

Do you think that the linked post’s author came here to thank me for sending some readers his way? Not at all.

Do you think he held his peace and occupied himself with the important stuff I’m sure is going on in his life? Nah huh.

He came here and attacked me in an aggressive and completely unwarranted way. As you can easily see for yourself, I didn’t say anything even remotely unpleasant about his post, his blog, his opinions, or himself. I just used the table and linked back. And in return, I got attacked. Normally, bloggers are happy when somebody links back to them. I know I am. But some folks seem to dislike getting linkbacks from popular blogs like mine.

This is the second day in a row when people throw completely unprovoked tantrums on my blog. What is this? Avitaminosis kicking in? Why the sudden massive bout of hysteria?


17 thoughts on “Why Are People Unraveling?”

  1. I accept all kisses. Jennifer told me about your referencing my blog and I took it that you were saying that either I or the staff at “Problems of Communism” were naive. Yes, I’m the author of Wobbly times. You can find a brief bio of Jennifer’s husband on the right as you look at the page. http://wobblytimes.blogspot.com.au/

    Thanks for linking to my, less the popular blog, Clarissa.


    1. No, I meant that my reader who I discussed this with last week was naive. 🙂

      I follow 629 blogs in my blogroll, so it’s impossible to keep track of who is who.

      Love, peace, bubble gum, as we say in the USSR. 🙂


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