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To a Particularly Pathetic Loser

A disgusting vicious animal who dared take my name in vain and quote my blog on a forum for idiot losers like himself wrote the following piece of idiocy:

From rather basic logic, children are not as much people as are most adults simply due to the fact that adults have more complex cognition, introspection, and preferences. Why would any rational person think it right to involuntarily sacrifice the well being of an innocent adult for the sake of a child, especially when alternative methods exist?

I understand that this freakazoid was abused in childhood. However, this is not an excuse for being a piece of shit in perpetuity.

Stupid insect, since you read my blog I need to inform you of the following: you are worse than a cockroach. You don’t have “more complex cognition.” You have no cognition at all because you are congenitally brain-dead. Stop blabbing stupidly about rational persons. Not only are you not rational, you are not even a person. The reason why you are so lonely and pathetic is because every normal human being finds you disgusting and can’t stand your stench.

Your writing is also ridiculously bad.

Remember, people, no matter what kind of damage your irresponsible parents inflicted on you in childhood, the moment you hit adulthood, you become responsible for solving your own issues and not inflicting your psychological garbage on everybody else. Also, I don’t care what kind of stuff you publish elsewhere but the moment you take my name in vain you will know my wrath.


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18 thoughts on “To a Particularly Pathetic Loser

  1. Yes. Beware. Even at a young age in Russia Clarissa’s wrath descended on those who crossed her path. 🙂


  2. Leah Jane on said:

    I love a good old fashioned “Clarissa tears some loser a new asshole” post. It makes my week. 🙂


  3. Roberto Severino on said:

    What an asshole. He must have been dropped on the head as a baby or something and he posts on a nerdy forum where you can ‘create’ your own nation. I’m pondering how whoever wrote this BS randomly found your blog in the first plce. There are some weird people in the world for sure. I’ve even found pro Marxist-Leninist and white “nationalist” websites too, so it’s just a reminder that there are many lunatics lurking on the Internet.

    Excuse the language, but that’s the best word I could honestly say to describea this loser.


  4. What makes you read such a strange forum? I’ve read one page, and the author of the post you’ve ridiculed is not the only idiot there. Or are you tracking every word someone says about you on the internet? Or every link?


  5. Anonymous on said:

    I read this person’s post three times and am still unsure as to what s/he meant exactly


  6. What is the teacher saying to the girl?


  7. The ape in question had chosen an Aboriginal flag. Their writing was incongruous with this.


  8. Then there’s the caption:

    Иф ю кан рид дис, ю ар рили борд ор ю ар Россияне.


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