How to Make a Good List of New Year’s Resolutions, Part III

Among the really idiotic New Year’s resolutions are things like “Quit smoking / drinking / over-eating / lose weight / eat healthy / drink less coffee / play less video games.” Of course, these are all good goals but do you really believe that you will achieve them by barking commands at yourself?

People don’t smoke / drink / over-eat / eat junk / gulp down insane amounts of coffee / spend 20 hours straight playing video games because they forgot to make a New Year’s resolution about it. You realize that, right? They do all these things because these are their coping strategies. The more you stress yourself out, the higher your need of all these coping strategies will be. By putting these things on your list of resolutions you effectively guarantee that you will do more of them, not less.

Don’t let your list of New Year’s resolutions reflect your dislike of yourself. Stop creating a yearly manifesto of self-hatred already. If you can’t love and take good care of yourself, who will?

Make a list of all the things that are completely and utterly useless but that give you intense pleasure and make a list of New Year’s resolutions aimed at making these things a regular part of your life.

Happy New Year, my friend!

P.S. Here is an example of somebody going about creating the list of resolutions in a really healthy, happy, productive way. I can guarantee to you that after this blogger reaches his goal, he will discover that it will come in very useful in a variety of ways he never even planned for. This is what always happens when you dedicate yourself to having fun.

P.P.S. Here is another phenomenal list that includes sleeping, facials, eye-lash tints, dream vacations, reading for fun, and other great things.

9 thoughts on “How to Make a Good List of New Year’s Resolutions, Part III”

  1. Thank you, Clarissa. You’ve completely turned my thinking around on New Year’s Resolutions, in the best way possible. I had a rather lengthy list before I read your posts, and yes, it did include losing weight, quitting smoking, clearing up my complexion, getting perfect grades, finding a new romantic partner, etc etc. Now I am just quoting Neil Gaiman for my 2013 goals:
    “Read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and make some art — write, draw, build, sing and live as only you can.”
    Guess which set of resolutions I am actually looking forward to now? 🙂


    1. In Quebec, however, people who make $100, 000 will now pay 50% on taxes. And that’s on top of the 15% sales tax paid on everything. I love Quebec but now I’m happy that I left. What’s the point of working if you will be robbed in this way?


      1. Or you could live in, say, the US, and give the same amount of money you pay for taxes in QC to the private sector in health and education. I know I am simplifying, but as you know, I’d rather pay 50% of taxes and live in Quebec than anywhere in the US.

        Sometimes people earn more than 100 000 a year while someone is paid 50 000 for a job with equal work conditions and responsibilities, or less, or more. This upsets me more that a couple of % points in taxes.


        1. I don’t know anybody in Qc who gets an equivalent of 50K per year in any governmental benefits. Not even close. Unless we are talking about a very elderly person, I can’t imagine what that $50K can buy.


  2. So, won’t you write a post on some of your own self-indulgent resolutions as an example for us? In any case, maybe we’re just curious to look over your shoulder 🙂


  3. My new year resolution is similar to Stupid Motivational Tricks’s: I want to learn by heart one poem in every language I know. I love memorizing poetry. It takes time, but it makes me happy.


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