1,000,000 Hits!!!

If you never were a kid who spends every break staring out of the window because nobody would play with you. . .

If you never were a kid who avoids going to the cafeteria because it’s better to skip lunch than to let everybody see that you have nobody to sit with. . .

If you never were a kid who is always left out when other kids choose teams and who has to be foisted on one of the teams by a teacher. . .

If you didn’t spend your childhood to the accompaniment of “Why are you sitting here all alone? Can’t you find anybody to play with?”

. . . you will not understand my joy over having

1,000,000 HITS

on the blog.

Of course, these are just the hits we got on this platform. That is, since May 2011. Altogether there are 1,310,000 hits. This means that I’m finally popular. You have to agree that 1 million in just a year and a half is very good.

Thank you, my dear readers, who have made this possible!!!

9 thoughts on “1,000,000 Hits!!!”

  1. You’re certainly welcome. This blog has become something that I read on a daily basis now and it’s challenged and broadened my views many issues. It has also reminded me of the importance of having an open mind and not blindly dismissing someone else’s views because it doesn’t necessarily fit with a particular ideology or philosophical belief system. Sometimes there are cases where one can be wrong about a belief that they previously had or there are issues like the international adoptions situation in Russia that can have unintended consequences that someone didn’t consider.


  2. Congratulations! This is a lot of hard work and I’m amazed that you’re able to keep this up while having a wonderfully productive academic career. You should write some posts about time management!


  3. Yay!!! You are insanely popular! Amongst the thousands of online blogs, yours stood out to so many people. You have regular readers, including those that fight and disagree with everything you write, yet come back for more. 😉


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