It is very easy for malicious people to manipulate a person like me who is honest and sincere to the point of simple-mindedness.

Bad, bad, evil manipulators.

They only put their own health at risk, though, because nothing undermines it more than guilt.


6 thoughts on “Manipulators”

  1. “nothing undermines it more than guilt”

    Does that work if the person feels no guilt? My experience with sociopaths in academia led me to believe that not only do they not feel guilt, they actually truly believe that they are doing humanity a favor with their machinations.

    Probably not what you want to hear, so I’ll just shut up.


    1. This is also the conclusion I have drawn, although it was very hard to believe / to imagine anyone would think that way / etc.

      In general I have difficulty believing people are insincere as individuals, and I find most people assume this. I assume, however, that governments and corporations may not have our best interests at heart, and I find that most people assume they do.

      What is going on?


  2. I think that a related issue is raised when you try and tell them your intentions (honestly; they are your intentions) and the other just believes that you are lying like they would.

    Ever tried selling a house and saying, “you have a month to get things underway, or the deal is off”?

    I tried it, after five/six weeks they hadn’t started the legal stuff, they had just been playing housey with an architect. I cancelled the sale, to her utter surprise. She had heard what I said, but just decided that it was a ploy that could be ignored.

    Insincere people aren’t just insincere to you, they also have difficulty recognising sincerity in others.


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