Throw the Book at Him!

We just got an email from campus security telling us that in case an “active shooter” enters the classroom, we should “turn the element of surprise back on him” by throwing books and desks at him.

I’m now wondering how an active shooter differs from a passive one and what we should throw at the latter in order to surprise him.


11 thoughts on “Throw the Book at Him!”

  1. When I saw the words “passive shooter,” the idea of a sleeper cell came to mind. Maybe a passive shooter is someone who appears relatively normal, but is sneakily armed and can snap at any time.


  2. The moment somebody armed comes into the classroom most people will just freeze, not knowing what to do. Well, throwing a desk, chairs or books at the would-be murderer is still better than nothing, but it’s like fighting a tank with a crowbar.


      1. People are more likely to freeze if they don’t know what they should do. Learning a simple motto such as Run, Hide, Fight is probably the best way to give yourself the best chance in such a circumstance.

        Fighting may be like attacking a tank with a crowbar, but if there’s nowhere to run or to hide, you’ve nothing to lose.


  3. I don’t believe in RL situation people will do it. Just more rubbish sent to protect university legally. As helpful as saying “fight harder if you’re robbed / raped / etc”.


  4. Did they make you watch Run. Hide. Fight.?

    Of course taking measures before someone with weapons comes into the building is verboten. It’s the equivalent of shoe removal at the airport to prevent terrorism. Too little, too late.


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