The Answer to the Sock Riddle

In this post, people came up with creative and fun scenarios where the phrase “I don’t need to touch your socks. I believe you” could have been pronounced. The readers of my blog are so creative and have such rich imaginations that I’m not sure the reality can live up to the products of their creativity. Still, here is what happened.

Latin American people have a weird relationship with snow. And when I say weird, I mean extremely bizarre. Back in grad school, I had a colleague from Chile who would wear flip-flops over bare feet to trudge in 16 inches of snow, all the while complaining loudly about the discomfort.

The Chair of my department is from Brazil. His winter footwear looks like this:

After the recent snowstorm, the Chair arrived at the department wearing his favorite footwear and telling us how it took him 40 minutes to dig his car from under the snow.

“What were you thinking?” the secretary exclaimed. “Your feet are sopping wet! You can’t spend all day like this, you’ll get sick.”

“Oh no,” the Chair said and lifted his foot to the secretary’s desk. “You can touch them, they are not wet.”

In the meanwhile, the professors who were present were weeping with laughter. The secretary’s horrified look made things even funnier.

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