Obviously, this photo exists only because of an incredible talent of a photographer who took it but what a beautiful piece it is:

11 thoughts on “Symbolic

      1. The mirrored body language is amazing. Do you think that’s one of those “comfortable” silences going on there? They look like they’re worn out or waiting for a train. Or sitting in the maternity unit waiting room twiddling thumbs nervously :-0


  1. Have you seen the other one of all of the G8 leaders posing together in Ireland? Merkel and Putin are standing next to each other, and he’s about her height. He doesn’t look too happy. And Stephen Harper is the only one who doesn’t have his jacket buttoned up.


      1. No that’s an oldie as Blair’s on it. Putin looks like a fun guy. A “riot”, as we say over here. But not a Pussy Riot.


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