Stupid Lorac

Stupid Lorac destroyed the best product they ever had and substituted it with a completely meaningless alternative. They used to have these really great eye makeup kits that contained everything you needed to create different versions of eye makeup routine.

So now they got rid of half of the ingredients in the kit and substituted it with a useless blush and an ugly lip gloss. So instead of a product that allowed you to create a complete eye routine, you have a product that doesn’t allow you to create a complete anything.

This is the biggest makeup fail since Lancome stupidly discontinued its amazingly beautiful aquamarine eye pencil back in 2003.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Lorac

      1. I went today to just look at the selection of TokyoMilk and Fresh products, which was satisfying in its own way, since I just discovered both brands and love their stuff already. I have not had time nor the money to do a full blown Sephora day in quite a while. 🙂


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