Local Landscapes


We sometimes get very Soviet-like landscapes around here. This piece of rusting machinery in a field overgrown with weeds brings back many memories.

I like walking here, though, because there are no dogs around.

11 thoughts on “Local Landscapes

      1. You know about the latest news from Wednesday, right? Julia Gillard was ousted from political power. So all the misogynists are now out of the woodwork, spewing their vitriol. Misogyny is a significant problem in Australia. Aussies are ok with women who do not claim any sort of power or expertise, but once they do the vitriol is never ending. See my blog for other random samples.


    1. Absolutely disgusting! And the saddest part is that the very taxpayers who are being robbed by these crooks keep repeating like trained monkeys their lies about the “small government.” There is zero proof that these teabaggers are in favor of small government, yet the idiots keep believing them!!!

      Thank you for the link, my friend!


  1. A nice picture and a place for walks, provided it isn’t too hot. Are there places with shady trees to walk in a warmer weather too?


    1. It is extremely hot here these days. Now do you see why I was upset when tornado killed 6 trees in the area? We have very few as it is and when the few we have die, it takes forever to grow new ones.

      There is no shade, just merciless sun. I hide inside all day long and always get prison pallor by the end of summer. šŸ™‚


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