DOMA Is Dead and I Missed the Funeral!

I’ve been so busy recently that I forgot to follow the news. As a result, I missed the best, most crucial development in a while. The barbaric DOMA is dead, isn’t it? This is absolutely phenomenal.

If the Supreme Court justices, who are neither very young nor very likely to welcome change and progress (with the exception of RBG), manage to realize that DOMA is a barbarity that should be done with once and for all, this is a great sign. Coupled with the news about activists in Texas, of all the scary places, rising against the attempts to defeat the gains of civilization, this news makes the future look very bright.

This is an enormous win for civilization and a death blow to barbarity. Let’s celebrate!

12 thoughts on “DOMA Is Dead and I Missed the Funeral!

  1. It was fun to read the seething dissent from Scalia, the racist, homophobic moron who still hasn’t realized the world has passed him by.

    The supreme court did manage to make the Voting Rights Act almost ineffectual in one of their decisions. Scalia went on his truly remarkably stupid rant about how it’s really hard to get rid of ‘racial entitlements’ (referring to voting!) so SCOTUS just had to step in. If a SCOTUS justice spewing racism during oral arguments doesn’t demonstrate the need for continued vigilance, I don’t know what does.

    “Within two hours of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Voting Rights Act, Greg Abbott, the attorney general for the state of Texas, announced that a voter identification law that was blocked last year by the Justice Department would go into effect.”


    1. Scalia is a reminder to all of us about the very recent times where most people around here thought and said what he does. Within a single – albeit a very long one – lifetime, how far have we come! Today young people hear what he has to say and think he is a parody!


  2. I agree with SB that Voting Rights decision was very depressing. But for now, I will focus on the positive and raise a virtual glass of champagne to the defeat of DOMA. Cheers! 🙂


    1. I still can’t believe we have all moved to a much more progressive country overnight! DOMA was a disgrace. And this Voting Rights decision still is a disgrace. Let’s hope it will die soon.


      1. Did you watch Wendy Davis’s filibuster in Texas? However, the TX governor is still going to have the legislation pushed through this week; aside from a handful of clinics, they’ll be shut down, though abortion there is already heavily regulated and one of the safest medical procedures (provided it’s done in a legal clinic and not in an unregulated clinic, which is probably what we’ll be seeing more of). Now Ohio is headed the same way too, unless the governor surprises everyone and vetoes the latest bill passed by the legislature.

        We may be moving towards being a more progressive country, but I wouldn’t relax, not for a minute.


  3. What this means same-sex marrriages in the states that perform them have the same federal recognition as other marriages. But it doesn’t make a difference in states without gay marriage, so it’s still not a victory for federal marriage equality just yet. It’s just one less obstacle to overcome.


    1. What’s really valuable is that the definition of marriage as “1 man & 1 woman” has been defeated. And not so long ago we even heard suggestions that it should be an amendment to the constitution!


      1. An amendment to the Constitution could overturn a Supreme court decision. I hope it does not happen, but I expect it will be attempted.


  4. This is probably exactly the result the establishment of the Republican party was hoping for; now they can do their normal grousing about “judicial activism” while quietly dropping an issue that had become a massive weight around their necks.


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