My Magical Reader

Stupid WordPress statcounter shows the blog has had 1 visitor today. It also shows that this single visitor is in 17 different countries. Well, maybe this visitor has found a way to travel really fast. Should be taking out a patent, or something.

Seriously, how hard it is to make an algorithm that would at least show the number of unique visitors that would correspond to the number of countries blog visits come from?

5 thoughts on “My Magical Reader

      1. “Or maybe you are all me, talking to myself.”

        I am the manifestation of your gay, British side.



  1. Hmmm, is it possible to travel through 17 different countries within 24 hours?
    I see potential for an adventure! 😀


  2. Or maybe Edward Snowden is visiting your blog from 17 different IPs in 17 different countries in 1337 hacker style. He got tired of the Kafka and the Dostoevsky and really hates the airport gift shop.


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