How to Raise a Terrified Child

Even really good parents often fail to resist the urge to engage in negative programming and turn their own psychological issues into the burden their children will carry for them:

There will be adults in your world who are very concerned about what you wear and how you carry your body and what you do with it. There will be adults in your life who care more about whether you sway your hips just so than about how good you are at science or how much you love gymnastics or the love you hold in your heart for your brother and others in your life. I wish I could change this for you, but I can’t.

Sure, there will be. It is so crucial to Mommy that her daughter encounter all this nastiness that the daughter will just have to accommodate.

What is really sad is that the little girl in question is only four and she already has to be exposed to her mother’s irresponsible drama queenishness. Children are not equipped to understand that Mommy is simply posing to get attention and feel important. They take this kind of crapola completely seriously and grow up seeing the world as a terrifying place.

See this part, for instance:

You are growing up in a world, Sally, that cares more about your body than your brain—or your heart.

I haven’t read anything more cruel since that horrible post by a mother who was fantasizing about her toddler growing up to become a rapist.

People, stop dumping your emotional garbage on tiny little kids. Just fucking stop already. For you this is a chance to feel important for 3 minutes and get some blog hits. For them this is a beginning of a lifetime of low self-esteem and crushing anxiety.

A Reason to Retire

Scary shit:

Yesterday on Twitter I made one of those jokes that is bound to become a reality at some point: I proposed developing a “Great Television Shows of the Western Tradition” sequence similar to a “Great Books” curriculum. . .  Let’s assume from the outset that you have one 13-week semester to give a decent overview of the sitcom, and let’s limit it to the American sitcom just to make it more manageable (we can do British shows as an elective or something). Some shows seem non-negotiable — I Love LucyDick van DykeMary Tyler MooreGolden GirlsThe Cosby ShowSeinfeld.

And this will be the moment when I retire and find a job in sales. It will be more rewarding to sell any kind of junk than to witness the endless navel-gazing of the most stupid and infantile among us.