Frame of Reference

It’s good to have a shared frame of reference.

“What’s the password on this tablet?” I ask N.

“The Olympics,” he responds.

And I immediately know the numbers he chose for the password because for both of us “the Olympics” can only mean one thing.

Can you guess?

11 thoughts on “Frame of Reference”

  1. My first guess is 1980 for the Moscow Olympics.
    My second more obscure guess is 1976 for the Montreal Olympics because that’s the year of your birth and the city you lived in before moving to the U.S.


  2. My hubby and I have a similar shared frame of reference. When I ask him what a password is, his usual response is “Shakespeare,” which means something to me, but not to others. The password isn’t Shakespeare itself, but the cue “Shakespeare” tells me what the password is.


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