I just met a very strange person. He thought Sarah Palin would make a great VP and was a huge fan of hers. Still, he voted for Obama because he disliked McCain. A Sarah Palin fan who votes Obama is just too weird.

When will people stop voting for personalities and start voting on issues?

3 thoughts on “Weirdness”

  1. I abstained in 2008 since I could not vote for either candidate in good conscience (for different reasons).

    I did find Palin refreshing/positive in one respect (though I disagreed with almost all of her policy positions and wouldn’t want her in a position of potential power). She was in some ways the most feminist candidate for major US office… ever. She had political drive and ambition and her husband didn’t but was totally cool with her ambition and supporting her in her attempts to fulfill her ambition. In an earlier age, she would have had to convince _him_ to run for office and try to be the power behind the throne. She was far more revolutionary than Hillary Clinton (who I far preferred over Obama) who basically used her husband’s political career as a launchpad for her own.


  2. To answer your rhetorical question: never. :p
    I agree, I’ve never met anyone who loved Sarah Palin and decided to vote for Obama based on personality. Especially since some of the smarter bigots will use “personality” as code for why they don’t like Obama.

    Sarah Palin is the first female mediocrity to be nominated by a major party for a vice presidency. Usually pioneers (First X whatever) have to be super competent by conventional standards.


    1. “Usually pioneers (First X whatever) have to be super competent by conventional standards.”
      Interesting. I guess you have to take good news where you can find it.


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