Quebec Rules

I know everybody hates long quotes but this one is just too good:

It is true that last year’s poll suggested that nationally a disappointingly low majority of 59% of Canadians accept the notion of common descent. However, only 22% accept young earth creationism. In Ontario, the data are especially disheartening, with only 51% of respondents accepting evolution (but still only half as many choosing creationism). In Quebec, 71% accept evolution and only 9% align with creationist ideas. . .

The US poll referred to above (by CBS) indicates that 53% of respondents believe that life was created in its current form within the past 10,000 years by God, 23% accept a form of evolution guided by God, and 17% believe in a strictly natural evolutionary account.

If you have never visited Quebec, then I have no idea what you are waiting for.

15 thoughts on “Quebec Rules”

  1. If only it weren’t so bitterly cold for so much of the year, I really would consider moving there.

    Though the Quebecois accent makes it very hard for me to understand their French.


    1. I always thought that if I were forced to learn French that affecting a Quebecois accent would make the process more tolerable (though I’m sure most teachers take a very dim view of it).

      Haitian is even cooler, but technically a separate language.


  2. When I started learning French, the school rule was that after 3 weeks I should have a reasonable account of my progress in terms of communication ability. After almost 6 weeks I had no clue as to what I had learned , how to use the simplest sentences or what to expect next. Maybe in Canada is different but here is usual business ( in my experience). No more French.


  3. The accent the accent the accent. This is so tiresome.

    When it comes to linguistic colonialism nobody suffers as much as québécois.


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