Vegetarian 7-Bean Casserole

These days, I constantly start new projects to keep myself as busy as possible. My most recent project is to become a vegetarian for a week. In order for me to be able to forego meat, my vegetarian dishes should be very flavorful. This means that I need to work for a long time on each dish to build a bouquet of flavors.

Here is how my 7-Bean Casserole came out:


See the cooking process under the fold.

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What Happens After 9 pm?

A preacher on the radio is trying to convince people to go to sleep early.

“It makes no sense to stay up late!” he exclaims. “I have never heard of anything fun, useful or important taking place after 9 pm. Have you?”

As I always say, never ask a question if you are not sure you are ready to hear the answer.

Healthy Carolers

We were sitting at our favorite breakfast place when a group of carolers came in and started singing. N had never encountered this tradition and was perplexed. 

“What do they want?” he asked.

“Nothing. They are just singing.”

“But why are they singing if they don’t want anything?”

“To spread good cheer and promote Christmas spirit,” I explained. 

“I had no idea such healthy people existed,” N said after a pause.