Chinese People Are Smart

In China, bowls filled with water are often suspended next to bus drivers’ seats. This motivates bus drivers not to brake too hard to avoid water spilling on them.

This should be introduced in Montreal buses because Montreal’s bus drivers seem to labor under the belief that they are transporting logs instead of people.

Funny Christmas Gifts!

Since posts on funny Christmas gifts are in such high demand, here are some that I have come across recently:

1. A FLOATING COFFEE MUG. Is this cool or what? Coffee lovers will definitely appreciate this tribute to their favorite vice.

floating mug


2. And see these Lego slippers. How cute are they? I wish I knew somebody unconventional enough to want these as a gift.

lego slippers

3. And this is an absolutely amazing gift. It turns a boring office ceiling into a star-lit sky! Since I already have birds fall out of my office ceiling, I think I need this.

office sky

4. And talking about slippers, since my husband lovingly calls me Master Yoda, maybe I should get these.

yoda slippers

5. And this is something everybody should have: CLOTHES FOR APPLES. Do you allow your apples to walk around naked? How unenlightened of you! Mind you, these outfits are organic.

apple cozy

6. To go with the apple totes, here is A SCARF WITH A FACE AND A NAME. It’s called Fifi, obviously.

fifi stole

7. If you think that business suits and Star Wars don’t go together, just look at these DARTH VADER CUFF LINKS:

darth vader cufflinks

8. If you are Jewish and want to give people a subtle hint that they should stop telling you “Merry Christmas!”, consider this MENORAH HAT.

menorah hat

9. If you are besieged by crowds of besotted admirers, buy these sandals and you will never have to worry about being too attractive. And before you laugh, these were actually the gift of the year. I’m guessing they are a big hit among very jealous people.


10. And this is something that everybody needs. It’s a cup warmer that connects to a USB port. I tend to lose my cups all day long, and this is a great way to keep track of the cup.

cup warmer

11. And finally, an absolutely indispensable POTTY PUTTER!

potty putter

I hope I made you smile with this selection of gifts.