Blueberries or Gunk?

So I just saw this documentary at the gym where somebody said that the blueberries in blueberry muffins are not really blueberries bur, rather, some chemical gunk.

Is that true? Because that’s kind of icky.

14 thoughts on “Blueberries or Gunk?

  1. Depends on the muffin. I’ve had plenty of x-berry muffins that definitely have real berries in them. But if you get stuff like the boxes of Jiffy brand blueberry muffin mix (guilty – it’s a nostalgia purchase) there are definitely no blueberries on the list of ingredients.


      1. Hopefully, it was one of the real-blueberry sort of blueberry muffins then. If it’s the university cafeteria, you can probably ask and find out what they put in it. Anyway, I wouldn’t stress over it too much. Even if it’s not actual blueberry, the replacement is most probably a mixture of sugar syrup and blueberry flavour, and neither of those are a health risk in the quantities found in an average blueberry muffin. Heck, considering that vitamin C (and, I presume, most antioxidants) degrade when heated, I’m beginning to doubt there’s much of a healthiness difference between real and fake blueberry muffins. While thinking about food in good food/bad food terms (or should I maybe say pure/impure) is quite easy, it’s really not the best way to maximize one’s health benefits and enjoyment of one’s food. Really, if you’re eating a “blueberry” muffin once every couple of weeks, the “blueberry” part would need to be pure poison to have a noticeable effect on your health.


      1. Grapes? Yes, plenty. South African wine is exported all over the world — you might even find some in a supermarket near you.

        Do you think the blueberries in my muffin may have been made with gunk wrapped in grapeskins? Possible, I suppose? But I suspect that they were made with imported tinned vlueberries.


  2. What upsets you most? Eating a chemical gunk muffin or ordering a blueberry muffin in French in Montreal?

    It was probably fake blueberries.

    So you go to the gym on a regular basis now? Tell us more!


    1. “Eating a chemical gunk muffin or ordering a blueberry muffin in French in Montreal?”

      – You remember that! 🙂 For everybody else: the moment when I gave up on my French for ever and ever was when I ordered a blueberry muffin in Quebec and the way I pronounced “bleuet” was so hilarious to the vendor that he called over a group of other employees in the store and asked me to repeat so that they could all laugh together.

      And if you don’t believe this story, it only means you have never been to Quebec.


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