Monday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion

It’s really weird to see people discuss the reasons for why academics don’t retire the moment they turn 65 in purely financial terms. It seems to escape them that many people happen to love their jobs and possess the energy for important contributions to scholarship and teaching long past 65.

WHEN I TOLD FRIENDS back East about the craze for fancy toast that was sweeping across the Bay Area, they laughed and laughed. (How silly; how twee; how San Francisco.)” I have no idea what’s so funny about this. I probably didn’t live on the East Coast long enough. And I really want to try this artisanal toast.

Students in Kosovo are to be admired for the courage they exhibit in ousting corrupt profs.

So do you think this short clip about Russia is offensive? Let’s discuss.

Google is using nasty underhanded tricks to force people to download Chrome. This makes me want to resist Chrome. It’s stupid and limiting anyways. But the search box is fast and useful, so it’s a constant temptation.

This idea for full-time lecturers who assume teaching / administrative duties but do no research and are not on the tenure-track seems promising. What do you think? (Just know that if you follow this link and offend the blogger who wrote the post, I will unleash my fury upon you.)

Yet another form of horrible female mutilation. And now it’s coming to Spain. (The link is in Spanish).

This chart is so great, I could stare at it forever. If you don’t want to click, the chart shows that younger generations are abandoning organized religion in huge strides. The future is bright.

The idea of giving iPads to all students in LA was absolutely ridiculous. There is no educational value to this. The kids will learn how to be passive consumers of apps. How is that a good idea?

Research. . .  found that the share of employment in occupations in the middle of the skill distribution has declined rapidly in the US and Europe. At the same time the share of employment at the upper and lower ends of the occupational skill distribution has increased substantially. . . The position of the middle-skill occupations deteriorates substantially: the wage rates paid in the high-skill occupations increased by 20% compared to the middle while the wage rate in the low-skill occupations rose by 30%.”

Occupy Wall Street leader now works for Google, wants to crowdfund a private militia.” Who is feeling surprised by this development?

College enrollment may be plateauing, but that hasn’t stopped the growth in university administrative positions. They increased 28 percent between 2000 and 2012, according to a report released by the Delta Cost Project, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that conducts research on college finances. And they have been increasing for the past two decades.” Absolutely, completely and totally shameful.

Policemen in Russia beat gay activists and threaten them with rape. The case of an arrested man who was raped with a champagne bottle by Russian police officers and who died of the injuries is still fresh on everybody’s mind, so these are not empty threats.

While there may be places in the world where kids get a better hard-core math and science background, a US public school in a good district seems, at least for the moment, like it will do a pretty good job. I don’t know of other countries where the public school system offers so many choices.”

“Insane designers have apparently taken over the entire internet. There’s about 10 sites left now that I can read without having an aneurysm. How did that make it through any sort of usability review?” Hear, hear.

A hilarious post on the obsession with Freshly Pressed. I have to confess that I once harbored hopes in that area. Not any more, though.

I realize tenure is the holy grail of academia, and goodness knows I have struggled with what it would mean to give it up. I guess I just never considered that the decision might not be mine to make.”

I’m trying to eat more beans, and this recipe for a red kidney beans curry is amazing.

On one chilly Friday morning, I visited Madelyn Gould, an epidemiologist at Columbia University, one of the country’s largest suicide research centers. “Suicide contagion is real,” she said. “Social behavior is contagious and influential. We wouldn’t have a billion-dollar advertising market in this country if people didn’t think you could influence someone else’s behavior.”” Everybody I know who works at Columbia was hired there as a result of disgusting and blatant corruption. It seems like this is also the case of the quoted illiterate hack.

Quantified Self (QS) is a growing global movement selling a new form of wisdom, encapsulated in the slogan “self-knowledge through numbers”. Rooted in the American tech scene, it encourages people to monitor all aspects of their physical, emotional, cognitive, social, domestic and working lives.” As long as people do it for fun and not to self-flagellate, then why not?

“If you don’t know, by the age of 45, whether some characteristic is part of your inherent nature or just a piece of an ideology, you have failed in your life’s mission, which is, or ought to be self-determination through self-knowledge.” Absolutely true. Although I still have a few years to go until 45.

Median male compensation, adjusted for inflation, is lower today than it was in 1975, a full generation ago.” It’s very interesting why these weepy articles never say anything about median female compensation. I’m guessing that’s because they are written by weepy men.

10 thoughts on “Monday Link Encyclopedia and Self-Promotion”

  1. Clarissa – Thanks for posting the link about this type of female sexual mutilation. That is truly horrifying and I had no idea it was going on.


  2. “And now it’s coming to Spain”

    Is it? I skimmed the article quickly and didn’t see any reference to it in Spain though it did mention it’s now present in the UK (in other words my golden rule of immigration* is once more vindicated). I would imagine that it’s also present in France. I suppose it might have also reached Spain since African immigration has increased.

    Another charming African custom : Parents thinking their kids are possessed by demons and ‘exorcising’ them often with fatal results.

    a dated link, but it’s still going on (though rarely reported as such)/

    *people don’t change their values and behaviors just because they’ve crossed national borders


  3. Looking at the Religious Affiliations chart, what I see is White Mainline Protestants and White Evangelical Protestants losing a lot of ground, and White Catholics losing some ground. Black Protestants, Mormons, and Hispanic Catholics seem to be holding steady, mostly.


  4. Yeah, the whole forcing people to retire and romanticizing retirement is very strange. Find jobs you enjoy, people!
    Isn’t it obviously better for the economy if people work longer because there’ll be less people with social security?

    I don’t know if it’s an east coast thing per se, but it seems to me that whenever anyone is the first to make any conventional/cheap food extra good, an army appears to poopoo that idea as elitist. I’ve heard people saying the same thing about tacos, Indian food, and burgers. Eventually, people catch on to how great spruced up classics can really be.


  5. Australia is entering a nice new free market era. It may sound like mysticism and it may be mysticism, but we cross our fingers in the approximate shape of a Christian cross and hope for the best. There will be no more protected industries, except the mining industry, which is free not to have to pay much tax. Manufacturing can depart, thus liberating the workers to find other sorts of jobs that may interest them. Some of them may wish to become prime minister of Australia. That is up to them. But it is not fair to the African workers to pay Australians more than what is on offer in developing countries. We know that where there is a will there is a way. Zimbabwean cops may only be paid $US 150 per month, but they stop cars and scrutinise the papers and can hint about allowing you to get more quickly to your destination if you alleviate yourself of your petty cash. So there is no reason why anybody in the world cannot make ends meet. They just have to want to do so enough.

    And there is no reason for elderly or disabled people to have pensions, because that is not one of the principles of a completely free market. Don’t they have families to take care of them? In Zimbabwe, if you are disabled, you sit outside a shopping centre asking for money, until the police chase you away or give you a hiding. You can also try selling homemade trinkets to foreigners. Poverty encourages entreprise.

    I think Australians could learn a lot from Zimbabweans and our government believes so too. I would be inclined to set up a shop to teach them Shona so they can assimilate, but few people are enterprising enough to take up my offer.


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