Thank Me Later

Have you ever entered the words “do a barrel roll” into the Google search engine?

Do it and thank me later. Seriously, it’s really cool.

12 thoughts on “Thank Me Later

      1. Thank you Clarissa.

        Also, I Googled some other Google tricks and you have GOT to type “zerg rush” and see what happens 😀

        These tricks are awesome for class; the teacher comes by and you can just say you were searching for something!


  1. // Do it and than me later.

    What do you mean by “and than me”? I did that, then searched in Google “Clarissa’s blog” and everything looked usual.


  2. You probably knew this for the case of zerg rush, but both of these scripts were inspired by videogames. “Do a barrel roll” is a catchphrase of sorts of a sidekick in Star Fox, a game about a team of anthropomorphic animals shooting evil in space.

    I guess it will surprise no one to find out that Google engineers are nerds. 🙂


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