“I’m so going to rest during the Thanksgiving break,” I kept announcing while compiling lists of everything I was going to accomplish while on break. “This time, I’m really going to rest.”

“Like I’m ever going to trust your lying ass ever again,” my body said and proceeded to ensure that I did stay in bed doing nothing by making me extremely sick.

I should have just rested of my own free will without pushing the poor body to this extreme.

Update on Ukraine: Biden ‘ s Visit

Joe Biden arrived in Kiev right at the time when Ukrainians were about to observe the remembrance day for the victims of the 1933 genocide of Ukrainians when millions of people were purposefully starved to death solely for being Ukrainian.

In the midst of this moment of grief, Biden cheerfully announced that the US had no interest in helping Ukraine in its war with Russia and that Ukrainians were to accept all of the Russians’ demands.

Ukrainians – who until this moment had retained the collective delusion that Obama ‘ s talk about anti – Putin sanctions actually meant something – reacted with shock and grief. Biden was almost beaten up by the crowd of angry Ukrainians after lecturing the people of a war – torn country on the importance of finding “a peaceful solution.”

Biden ‘ s speech was enthusiastically received by the peaceniks in Kremlin who immediately dispatched a significant number of troops towards the Ukrainian border.

Yet another enormous victory for Obama ‘ s diplomacy.

The Death of Welfare

A great article explaining why white working class voters hate Democrats:

And who does the WWC take out its anger on? Largely, the answer is the poor. In particular, the undeserving poor. Liberals may hate this distinction, but it doesn’t matter if we hate it. Lots of ordinary people make this distinction as a matter of simple common sense, and the WWC makes it more than any. That’s because they’re closer to it. For them, the poor aren’t merely a set of statistics or a cause to be championed. They’re the folks next door who don’t do a lick of work but somehow keep getting government checks paid for by their tax dollars. For a lot of members of the WWC, this is personal in a way it just isn’t for the kind of people who read this blog.

This is so true, my friends. I talk to the working people in my county – which went overwhelmingly red in the recent elections – and none of them have the slightest interest in gay marriage or abortion. What they are obsessively preoccupied with are “those folks who sleep until noon and then go shopping and partying on the government dime while I haven’t had a vacation in five years.”

The only way of appeasing this large group is by shredding the last remains of the welfare system. Do you remember how we discussed the state’s imminent withdrawal from providing a social safety net for the people?  The people themselves are trying to hasten this process with every means at their disposal.

The Republicans will have to drop their opposition to gay marriage and reproductive rights if they want to inscribe themselves successfully into the logic of the post-nation state. The Democrats will have to drop welfare to fit in with this logic. The people are turning their backs on the state even faster than the state is doing it to them.