The Wait Is Over

Just got an email that classes are cancelled all day tomorrow. I didn’t have to go in but I’m still happy because this means we are finally getting some snow. The forecast promises 7 inches.

We are now on the way to get firewood and oranges.

2 thoughts on “The Wait Is Over

  1. “I didn’t have to go in but I’m still happy because this means we are finally getting some snow.”

    I always wondered why you’re so Pollyannaish but now I understand. According to a new study published last week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, people who speak Spanish are the most optimistic due to a general bias toward positive words in the language.


    Using human evaluation of 100,000 words spread across 24 corpora in 10 languages diverse in origin and culture, we present evidence of a deep imprint of human sociality in language, observing that (i) the words of natural human language possess a universal positivity bias, (ii) the estimated emotional content of words is consistent between languages under translation, and (iii) this positivity bias is strongly independent of frequency of word use. Alongside these general regularities, we describe interlanguage variations in the emotional spectrum of languages that allow us to rank corpora. We also show how our word evaluations can be used to construct physical-like instruments for both real-time and offline measurement of the emotional content of large-scale texts.


    1. Actually, I was a very happy person before I started learning Spanish. 🙂 The real reason is that I’ve experienced real hardship in life. The proponents of the apocalyptic visions are all very spoiled people. They invent silly dramas because they never experienced anything harsh in reality.

      This is why my students from really harsh backgrounds are all happy and confident while their spoiled rich peers somewhere at a super expensive private college are sorry for themselves all day long.


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