The Crazy Tale Is Complete

So. . . the San Bernardino terror act story has found the only element it was missing: Russian prostitutes. Now the crazy tale is complete.

The Farook brothers were both into importing women from foreign countries. Syed brought in an ugly, religious, shrouded wife and his brother hauled in a beautiful non-religious woman who often forgot to get dressed at all.

Of course, a Russian hooker is better than a Saudi fanatic, so let’s all be grateful things didn’t turn out any worse.

14 thoughts on “The Crazy Tale Is Complete

    1. Yes, I’m sure they are graduate students of marine biology who just happened to meet these men at a scholarly conference and fall madly in love with them but not before they fell into a huge bottle of peroxide. πŸ™‚


      1. If every woman who married for money or a ticket to another country or for any reason other than love is a whore, you’re going to need to change the definition in your linguist’s dictionary. πŸ™‚


          1. Slightl off-topic, but curious of your take. Should prostitution be legal or illegal?

            You seem to speak / think very low of prostitutes (which is up to you obvioulsy), but curious how you feel from a legal standpoint. Honestly can’t guess which way you will respond on this one but curious!


            1. This particular form of prostitution nobody can do anything about. It always existed and always will.

              But the bulk of prostitution is human trafficking where women are brutalized and abused in horrifying ways. This is not an issue that anybody wants to talk about. The only place where human trafficking is discussed are radical feminist websites.

              The only thing to do is to punish the beasts who profit from sexual slavery. But there is very little done in that direction, and we all can guess why. 😦


              1. So you don’t think women (or men for that matter) can chose to do sex work of their own volition? Human trafficking is awful. Full stop.

                However, many human trafficking studies (at least in the US) have been called out for being highly suspect and exaggerated. The consensus view is not that the majority of sex workers in the US are trafficking related. Come super bowl weekend the stories will appear again, but usually are rebuffed by experts.

                So if no human trafficking, then ok on sex workers? To me its a lot like the drug war and gambling. Modest regulation are certainly called for, but making it illegal only aides the criminal element and massively invades on socities both freedom and cost a ton of economic resources.


              2. “So you don’t think women (or men for that matter) can chose to do sex work of their own volition? ”

                Of course, they can. But who cares about them? It’s the real victims I care about.

                ” The consensus view is not that the majority of sex workers in the US are trafficking related.”

                That’s convenient to believe, sure enough. How many prostitutes actually work without a pimp? And what is the pimp’s function other than to control them violently?


            1. We don’t want to hear what I think about this epitome of vulgarity before or after because that will make the blog x-rated. The mildest thing I can say is that I find her to be vomit-inducing.


              1. That’s the moment when it became OK to inject horrible vulgarity into the space of politics. And then we saw Reagan, now there is Trump, and vulgarity has swept over the public space.


  1. I just found it intensely weird that someone so conservative (Tashfeen) would even go the online route. With those particular sites, maybe 5% of the people are looking for themselves and manage their own profile completely.
    It’s even weirder because usually people put up pictures of themselves or produce them at some point in a conversation, and she was so fundamentalist she wore a burqa and wore them in front of every man except her husband.


    1. She didn’t meet him online, though. That was an earlier version. It turns out that this was an arranged marriage which definitely makes more sense.

      Syed’s mother apparently met Tashfeen’s parents on a Haj in Mecca and made the arrangement.

      I also found the whole online romance story to be suspect.


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