Gloria Mundi

Italy and unnamed Southern European allies are trying to block anti-Putin sanctions. That will bring them nothing positive whatsoever but yelping like stupid little puppies is all that these countries can do in the direction of the parental EU authorities. 

If Italy and Co tried to make something of themselves on their own, that would be one thing. But they want kind Uncle Putin to adopt them instead of the mean Auntie Merkel, and that’s just pathetic.

Sic transit, indeed, my friends. What Italy and Greece used to be and what they are now. . .

2 thoughts on “Gloria Mundi

  1. Didn’t the EU just approve the sanctions for another six months? How can Italy do anything about their status at this point?


    1. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Thursday stayed firm on blocking a planned extension of the EU’s economic sanctions against Russia, forcing EU governments to discuss the issue at a much higher level next week.

      Sanctions were set to be extended on Wednesday, but that did not happen after the Italian government instructed its ambassador to raise objections during a closed-door meeting of EU countries’ delegates, which was supposed to approve the extension without much political noise.

      Stupid Italians.


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