I’m feeling very Christmasy, people. I’ve got a new little nephew, my colleagues are all great people and even the HR is coming through for me in a very helpful way, I just received a 800-page book that I really want to read, and I finally came up with an idea for the conclusion of the last chapter of my book. 

I did some really good work today, so I can now lie in front of the fireplace and wait for my pheasants to defrost. (This last phrase sounds very funny to me, especially given my origins.) 

19 thoughts on “Christmasy

  1. Be sure not to wish anyone “Merry Christmas,” because that’s insufficiently inclusive. Instead, wish everyone “Happy Federal Holiday.”

    At least that the advice from a political “science” professor at the University of Central Florida, who wrote about A Holiday Greeting that Applies to Everyone.

    In our efforts to be inclusive, we show cultural insensitivity both by equating one major holiday [Christmas] with a minor holiday [Chanukah] and failing to recognize that diversity includes those who celebrate neither holiday.

    . . . .

    My friends and I wish each other a “Happy Federal Holiday.”

    Happy Federal what? Because the U.S. government in some cases and the state government in others have identified certain days during the year as state and federal holidays, including those that fall during the late fall and winter season – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day –we have no choice but to observe these holidays whether we want to or not.

    Most everyone is included and no one is excluded no matter their religious beliefs or practices.

    Sadly, I’m stuck in my ways and (although I’m an Agnostic] still wish people “Merry Christmas” — whether they like it or not. Nobody has objected yet, but . . . .


    1. Somebody should inform the professor that Hanukkah is over — it ended well over a week ago, on the night of December 14th.


        1. My comment was addressed to the “science” professor who can’t read a calendar and seems to think that Christmas and Hanukkah occur simultaneously every year.

          I’m not Jewish at all, and there’s no such thing as an ethnic ex-Protestant — but I’ll celebrate any holiday where you can drink good wine and eat lots of delicious food. 🙂


      1. It’s also understanding that everywhere else in the world Hanukkah is kind of a minor Jewish holiday, but because it happens close to Christmas it’s importance is exaggerated in NAmerica.


      1. Did you know that the U.S. federal government (and that includes the active-duty military) has MORE paid legal holidays each year than ANY state government or private business?

        Call them whatever you want — they’re all paid days off for government employees!


  2. I just received a 800-page book that I really want to read
    I know you are a fan of lengthy tomes. What is this mystery 800 page book? Now if only you had some snow. 🙂


      1. It’s 76 degrees here, dry, and if it snows here it will be a state emergency. My neighbors compensate by having an enormous flashing light display from which Manheim Steamroller plays.


  3. We all need to take more breaks from the serious stuff, sit back, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures. Happily ignoring political correctness, I wish to one and all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy! Imagine peace on earth.


  4. Well, lightning didn’t strike me when I typed “Happy Hanukkah” on this website two week ago, so I’ll probably survive wishing “Merry Christmas” now to everyone who manages to tolerate me in this community.

    Also, “Happy Kwansaa” to any celebrants to might be present (runs from 26 December to New Year’s Day, with lots of celebration and good food along the way).

    Now it’s bed time in the strange Arizona landscape, with the full moon a mere two nights away and casting shadows before, so I’ll just add, “Goodnight to all, and to all a good night!” See you in the morning! 🙂


    1. What a brilliant idea! It’s only because I drive very slowly that I managed to avoid hitting a young deer last week. The poor thing jumped out into the highway and just stood there, right in front of my car.


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