Get Your Own Chestnuts

Once again, Assad used chemical weapons against civilians. At the same time, Amnesty International is accusing Russia of crimes against humanity in Syria because the only thing Russians bomb are civilian living quarters, mosques, markets and hospitals.

The idea that somebody else is going to snatch chestnuts out of an open fire for you needs to be abandoned forthwith. Everybody has their own goals and is pursuing them. 

There is nothing more transformative and intellectually enriching than the realization that every person on the planet is just as human as you are. In a rapidly globalizing world, the price for not understanding this will be steep. Both the Republican and the Democratic debates on foreign policy made it very clear that very few of our aspiring leaders are capable of understanding that other people are just as bad, just as good and just as dedicated to their own interests as we are.

6 thoughts on “Get Your Own Chestnuts

  1. May be, they think other people are stupid and thus will be easily manipulated by American “we will tell you what is the best / only moral way right now”?

    And some people think “we are the most moral people on earth, bringing happiness and democracy everywhere. Thus, if somebody disagrees with our moral advice (read: American interests), he is evil.” This sounds weird, but I have seen such comments even on your own blog.


      1. It’s because everything you say is always so right that it’s impossible to find anything to disagree about. Try to be more wrong every once in a while, or something. 🙂


  2. Part of it is electoral politics. If everyone wants to be told we can have a pony for cheap, politicians are in a hard spot. The reality is the only way to get our interests met is to put the price in (militarily, economically, and time on the ground). The problem is the american people don’t want to hear that. It takes a real leader to say unpopular things, and i am not sure we have a real leader in the race on either sides.

    To be fair, it is much harder to be a leader in politics than in business, non-profits etc. so I am not sure how honest leaders can be in the modern era. It is a struggle.


      1. I know. its weird 🙂

        Just visited St. Louis while passing through last week. I think that is pretty close to where you are. If i hadn’t been with a friend I thought about messaging hear to grab a meal lol

        I assume you have been up in the arch? It was really cool. Much cooler than I expected.


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