Frozen Pizza Update

So I finally ate the frozen pizza and. . .

. . . it was not amazing. It was seriously oversalted, which is weird because pizza is salty as it is, so how do you make it taste oversalted? Our local Imo’s pizza is a work of art compared to this frozen one.

I’m glad I tried, though. Midlife crises should be embraced. I bought groceries today, and most of what I bought was something I never get. I found myself in entirely unfamiliar aisles.Ā 


8 thoughts on “Frozen Pizza Update”

  1. “> It was seriously oversalted”

    Amazing. I’ve eaten hundreds of pizzas in my life, and never tasted one that was remotely salty.

    Next time buy your pizza from a less literary source. “Shakespeare Pizza,” that’s a laugh!


  2. Yes, prepared foods like frozen pizzas are salty. Lots of prepared foods are sugary as well. (Pizza sauce & often has lots of sugar).

    I just get a cheese frozen pizza & add toppings to it. It’s ok. I also chop a salad to go with it.

    How did N take it?


        1. I’m not sure he’d have survived the Big Mack. The fellow combines a complete intolerance of processed foods with an utter incapacity to cook. God sent him a gourmet cook as a wife, so he’s very fortunate.


          1. You said he saved money during his grad school days by never going out to eat for years, not even once. If he didn’t cook, what did he do for meals?


            1. Oh, he cooked. I almost had a fit when I saw one of his concoctions. It was supposed to be meat and potatoes but it was of this uniformly grey color, like cement. I still ask him how he achieved that sort of coloring in his food.

              The poor fellow was headed for gastritis if he hadn’t met me.


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