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He Loves His Poorly Educated 

Trump supporters are trying to argue with me on Facebook but it’s useless. Their command of the English language is so poor that I have no idea what they are trying to say. And neither do they. Here is the most recent example:

Keep picking on trump and see where it gets you! As Glen Beck said, he is a counterpuncher, so keep punching at him  with your mouthy remarks and watch him let you try and figure it out. We all know how that scenario will play out!

“Watch him let you try and figure it out”? Huh? “Punching with mouthy remarks”? 

I’m sure she’s one of those resentful blobs who keep moaning that immigrants bother them with their bad English. 


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9 thoughts on “He Loves His Poorly Educated 

  1. Hard to believe English is some people’s first (and only) language.


  2. You need to go where the intelligent Trump supporters are.


  3. Evelina Anville on said:

    “The left is in pure reaction mode and has no vision to compare with this gentleman’s, gay as it may be.”

    Huh? Hysterical ramblings about “Jews” doesn’t qualify as “vision” or “having ideas.”

    And I have no problem with anyone being gay. I’m not the one praising a website that uses the word “faggott” with abandon. It’s just ironic that the blog writer has so little self awareness that he can manage to simultaneously gay bash and write an eroticised encomium about Trump. I liked Obama very much and actually think he’s quite handsome but I managed to refrain from calling Obama the “New Colossus.” The writer you linked to is insane.


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